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Avizar Multicopter Motor MC2312-960KVm ,Phantom upgrade! set of 2


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Product Description

The new 2312 motor adopts a pioneering stator winding,offers improved heat dissipation. With its impact-resistant bearings-the system is more durable than ever before. The electromagnetic design, tailored for the DJI Phantom, has effectively improved the output power, and when used with the 9X4.5-9×5 propellers your whole propulsion system can provide 200g/axis more maximum output thrust when using a 3S LiPo battery.
Additionally, this new propulsion system allows you to load more equipment on your Phantom without sacrificing flight time, offering you a better flight experience.


Motor Weight: 60Gr
Stator size 23x12mm
recommended propeller:9 x 4.5-5″
No-load current : 0.4Amp
Thrust:680 gr with 9×4.3 prop, 11 Amps, 11830 RPm

Delivered: set of 2 motors(1 CW and 1 CCW)