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Avizar Multicopter Pancake Motor MC4014-330KV


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Product Description

Avizar MC4014 Brushless MultiRotor Motor 330kv, Specially made for Monster quads, for 6S setups.

Very high quality super smooth running motors, designed specifically for multirotor use. You can feel the difference just by turning them, and hear the difference on the run!

This motor has been custom designed in Europe, and tested during 2 years, and found to be the most efficient for most multi-copters from 700cm and up, due its features.

So what is so special in this motor:

1- Dynamic balance, very few motors are really dynamically balanced. the equipment is very unique, and we do insist on the fact and also costs involved that the motor should be balanced, otherwise the fatal vibration will kill the machine sooner or later

2- Heat, 25% lower heat generation thanks to ceramic bearings.

3- Ceramic hybrid bearings, and the motor has 3 of them: Radial forces of motor taken away with the help of those special bearings, which also self lubricated,the smoothness of the motor felt directly with the throttle reaction.

4- Special size and low profile of cage and motor shaft will allow perfect setup and perfect performance on any setup, single or coaxial.


  • Sealed Japanese Ceramic Hybrid bearings
  • Short, hardened Japanese steel shaft
  • 0.2mm NdFeB stator plates
  • Includes 6mm, prop adapter, and mounting plate
  • Oversized motor wires 3.3mm, silicone, for long and safe mounting.


  •   Model: MC4014-330KV
  •   Config: 18N24P
  •   Motor size: 44.8L x 34.5 mm
  •   Weight: 149g
  •   KV(rpm/v): 330
  •   Max Power Continuous: 750W
  •   Max Current: 25A
  •   Max Efficiency Current: 3 – 10A >84%
  •   Battery: 4 – 8s LiPo, optimal for 6S
  •   Prop: 13″- 18″
  •   Internal resistance :85mohm


  • Motor with 60cm wires x1
  • Prop adaptor for normal prop with 8mm shaft x1
  • Prop adaptor for Flat props x 1
  • Prop adaptor Screws.