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Avizar Multicopter Motor MC3525-930KV, fits 400-500 size models, 3-4S


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MC3525-930kv is a high torque motor especially developed for the 450-500 CLASS  Multi-rotors platforms

Fits Spyder Little, F550, and many others.

As advantage that it can be used with 9-11″ props and with 3-4 S lipo, allowing you best flexible fit to multiple power combinations.

So what is so special in this motor:

– Dynamic balance, very few motors are really dynamically balanced. the equipment is very unique, and we do insist on the fact and also costs involved that the motor should be balanced, otherwise the fatal vibration will kill the machine sooner or later

– Heat, 25% lower heat generation thanks to Japanese NMB bearings, resistant to vibrations.

– 40cm cables, will allow direct connection to esc, wherever located.


  •   No-load speed: 930 KV
  •   Load current: 22 Amps
  •   Max Watts : 325
  •   No load current: 0.8 Amps
  •   Long cables (40cm)
  •   Japan NMB bearings
  •   Weight: 60gr
  •   Motor Diameter :35 mm
  •   Recommended Battery: 3-4S
  •   Propellers to use: from 9-11″


  •   MC3525 motor, 40cm wires
  •   Propeller mount with screws, Nut and Cup.