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MAH “Black Label” Flybarless Blades 325mm


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Mah “Black Label” or in Short name (MBL) blades have been developed especially for today’s flybarless systems and todays DFC heads. Mah Tested those blades before producing  with systems like BeastX, Skookum, GT, Mikado vbars, Spartan, Bavarian demon .Design made the blades very stiff,  prevent any unwanted oscillation and as well creating less flex for DFC heads.
As known, the DFC head brings the blades closer to the tail boom, which can cause boom strike if the blades are flexible. Agility of MAH BL blades doesn’t allow this.

Beginner or 3D competitor, those are the blades for you. Here are Some of the reasons why to get those blades:

1- Great look, they fit all color schemes.
2- They Fly great, Sharp response,Efficient- give your heli max time per Lipo
3- Price is very decent for EU made product.
4- Perfect balance, Static and Dynamic.

Specification of blades:

  • Length: 325mm
  • Bolt Hole: 3mm
  • Weight:20gr
  • Width: 32-28m(Tapered)
  • Profile:Symmetrical, optimized for Flybarless helicopters